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Absolutely No Cost. It Really Is This Simple.

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Absolutely No Cost. It Really Is This Simple.

Leave A Legacy.

Absolutely No Cost. It Really Is This Simple.

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We are passionate about building communities focused on personal health and development, and we are confident that we will help your business not only grow revenue, but also expand your values.

Increase Revenue

Make revenue with no effort. Period.

Increase Customer Engagement

Fill gap times and classes. Get more conversions.

Decrease Loss of Customers

Be partnered with our high-fidelity brand.

Choose what services you'd like to partner up with us on, and we'll do the rest.

Each service is tracked and paid out monthly through direct deposit.

Personal Training

$20/Hour Session

Earn $20 for each hour training session conducted in your facility.

Fitness classes

Drop-In Rate

Earn a drop-in rate for each Freestyle user coming to your facility and taking classes.

Open Gym

Gain Exposure

Earn a drop-in rate for each Freestyle user coming to your facility to use your equipment during open-gym times.


Tell Us About You

Click the link to fill out the necessary information for your business or business referral.

We Integrate You

Next, we will provide you with your own business login and access into our software. This login allows you to track attendance, make schedule changes, and have complete control over your engagement with Freestyle.

Grow Together

As users stream into your location, leverage all of the benefits of our partnership to maximize your community, spread your philosophy, and leave a legacy.

Benefits to our Partners

As a Freestyle Location, receive exclusive discounts from our affiliates to upgrade your facility, equipment, or nutritional supplements.

Rep Fitness

Earn an exclusive additional 4-8% OFF on all equipment sales at Rep Fitness through Freestyle.

Colorado Nutrition

Get discounts on the highest quality supplements from Colorado Nutrition directly through Freestyle.

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As we said, it really is this simple.

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