Diversify Your Health

Choose to work with our specialists in person through our innovative network model, or stay mobile through our online services. It's complete freedom, in your style. When you purchase a Universal Sessions package, you get access to our entire facility network.

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Universal Sessions

Our universal sessions model is designed to be become the ultimate fitness and health experience. Each session can be used universally to work with any specialist in our network, at any location in our network, and it's all for the same price.

Purchase A Package

Find a package that fits your health and fitness goals.

Choose A Location

Find a location that meets your requirements. No facility is off limits.

Book Any Specialist

Book with any trainer or specialist that fits your style. Whether they be strength coaches, yoga instructors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, or other specialists, your package works with every professional in our network. Build your team to meet a variety of goals and benefit from their unique expertise.

Universal Session Packages

Online Fitness Coaching

Work directly with your trainer to set goals, track metrics, and feel confident in your gym through custom workout programs tailored just for you.

Customized Workouts

Work directly with your personal trainer who will tailor every workout for your needs.

Train on YOUR time, at YOUR gym

Have your workout program on your app ready whenever and wherever you want it.

Affordable and Effective

Millions of people are starting to hire online trainers due to the cost effective structure and significant end results.

Enjoy our new iOS client app TrueCoach!

The Most Engaging Experience. Streamlined Just for Training.

Set Targets and Goals

Work with your trainer to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and hit milestones along the way! Easily update and excel past your goals as soon as you hit them!

Track Metrics and PR’s

Now you and your trainer can track important metrics like speed, max PR’s, HR, and more!

Base Workouts on Available Equipment

If you have limited equipment, let your trainer know what you do and don’t have access to. This ensures you will always be able to get a comprehensive workout no matter where you are.

Live Chat

Send live chats to your trainer in real-time for quick communication and feedback. Sign up your Skype account for face-to-face meetings with your trainer!

See Future Programs

Look ahead at your future programs for a glimpse at your week. Let your trainer know if you ever need to modify your schedule or if you have questions regarding your exercise program.

Demo Videos

Watch instructional videos for proper exercise form.

Complete Workouts

Once you complete an exercise, mark it as “Completed” to keep accurate metrics for you and your trainer.

Show Missed Exercises

If you miss an exercise, simply switch the button to “Missed”. This data helps trainers to make the exercises and programs more timely and effective for future planning.

Leave Notes and Comments

Let your trainer how an exercise went by writing a comment or by sending a picture or video.

Online Fitness Coaching

Online Nutrition Coaching

Engage with your nutrition coach daily, get access to your meal plans through your desktop or mobile, and stay healthy wherever you are with the confidence of your coach at your fingertips.

Daily Meal Plans

Receive daily meal plans directly from your nutritionist custom tailored just for you.

Unlimited Access

With unlimited access to your coach, continue to optimize your program and your budget through real time communication.

Nutrition is Our Lifeline

Proper nutrition is for everyone. Whatever your goals, our nutritionists can help you get there.

Online Nutrition Coaching