Dahlen Mitzali

I’m Dahlen, a 24-year-old foodie, fitness fanatic, and friend to everyone I meet. Living in Denver, CO for the past year has fueled every one of my passions: I get to eat great food, hike to some incredible views, and meet some amazing people. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece with a big Greek family (yes, just like you see in the movies!). I mostly miss the Greek hospitality, the culture, and the great Mediterranean food.  After years of struggling with my body, I looked at carbs, fats and sugars negatively, which lead to overexercising and having hip surgery at the age of 20. It ended up being life changing and everyday my scar reminds me that pushing myself to be “perfect” wasn’t worth it. That made me start looking at food and health in a different perspective where I can enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

This lead me to want to learn more about nutrition and educate others about living a healthy lifestyle, which geared me obtain my Nutrition Coaching certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My ultimate goal is to become a positive role model and help others incorporate healthier alternatives into their daily routine and educate them about the importance and struggles that come with a healthy lifestyle. A few things about me: Favorite workout: Indoor cycling- I have completed 200 rides within the past year. Favorite food: Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie). One of my long term goals is to travel the world and write reviews on fitness studios & restaurants.

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Exp. 08/2022

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