Jared Muenks

Since the age of 13, the gym has been my sanctuary and fitness has been my practice. Dialing into that focus and self-development is what brought me out of some difficult times, and kept my head on straight. However, in 2015 I endured a life-altering injury that took me away from the gym, my fitness, and my identity. After 2 years of an exhausting search through professionals, doctors, and surgeons, and a whole lotta pain, I learned that the only person to fully understand and fix this injury was myself. As I was finishing up my Bachelors degree in Psychology, I decided to take the ACE Personal Training course to dive into the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the human body, all with the goal to understand and correct myself. The knowledge I gained through the course, paired with my past experiences as an athlete, helped me to develop an insight into strength training, athletic balance, and corrective exercise that led me to leave my white collar path, and devote myself to the fascinating health and fitness industry. Since becoming a trainer, I have worked with a variety of clients, from day job routines to elite high school athletes, and even motorcycle accident victims. My holistic perspective and emphasis of proper biomechanics and neuromuscular activation ensures proper injury recovery, strengthening, and longevity in your health and optimization.

Interested in building muscle and shredding up?

As a placed physique competitor in the NPC show in STL, I have extensive experience in physical development and hypertrophy training. My unique strategy has proven results in numerous clients, and whether your goals are shred or build, I have learned how to optimize the process…if you’re willing to put in the work that is.

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