Kelsey Nagy

It has always been a dream of mine to become a personal trainer and surround myself who share the same passion as me. Over the past few years I have allowed myself to put off my dreams, thinking that I needed to wear a suit everyday in order to be “successful” whatever that means. I pursued banking and while working as a teller for 1.5 years, I took my ACE certification course and fell even more in love with learning how I could help people become a better version of themselves. I put off taking my exam for months on end, switching from banking to the oil and gas industry. While I learned an incredible amount from both of these jobs, they still did not spark my interest and I woke up daily unhappy with a pit in my stomach knowing I could be doing so much more.

I finally got the kick in the pants I needed when I was let go from my oil and gas position. I finally decided I am pursuing my dreams and no one is going to stop me or influence me otherwise. I am now officially certified through ACE and theres a fire inside me that will never dull as I begin this new chapter. My goal is to make my clients and those around me have FUN and enjoy the fitness lifestyle because it brings so much joy in my own life. I want to teach them to enjoy fitness and the hard work it takes. LiveVivacity aligns with my own beliefs, taking a new aproach to the way the general public views fitness.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Exp. 01/2022


Exp. 01/2022

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