Lyndie Costello

Hello, My name is Lyndie Costello and I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 hour with Yoga Alliance and I have received training for Yoga and Neurodiverse clients and Yoga for Larger Bodies.

I grew up as a nonathletic child, teenager, and young adult. Falling into many of the unhealthy traps of the 1980s and ’90s. I found yoga and running as a way to control my weight when I was struggling with it in my early 30’s and learned just how many ways yoga was able to benefit me beyond just on the scale. Although, 50 pounds lighter, it made a difference on the scale too! Through the good times, illnesses and surgeries of the last 10 years, yoga has helped me to recover and grow strong. I used yoga along with physical therapy to recover after reconstructive ankle tendon surgery to help build strength and mental fortitude when my other outlet for fitness and mental clarity of running became no longer an option. Life’s ups and downs always pull me in many directions and finding the mindful practices of yoga and meditation have helped me to know who I am and what I want out of life in ways I couldn’t comprehend when I started this journey. In 2018 I had major abdominal surgery; my healthcare professional allowed me to utilize Chair Yoga during this recovery. This was just the focus I needed to see how much benefit yoga can bring to many different students who wouldn’t think that yoga was for them. Yoga helped me to listen to what my body truly needs. I teach from many practices of yoga, using easy to understand direction From Active Vinyasa Flow, Forrest Yoga techniques and many other modalities, we will find the postures and flow that works for you, your body and goals. 

My passion is to use my knowledge of yoga to help empower all audiences to utilize peaceful properties to calm, stretch and strengthen their bodies and minds.

  • Flow Yoga

  • Alignment Oriented Yoga

  • Fitness Yoga

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Special Audiences Yoga

    • Altered Mind-Body Students (special consideration physically or mentally)

    • Seniors 55+

    • Injury and Mobility Issues

RYRT – 200 Hr

Exp. 11/2021


Exp. 04/2021

Available Locations

Apex Human Performance
Denver, CO
CrossFit Colfax
Denver, CO
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