Nikki Hartley

My work as a registered hypnotherapist and practitioner of meditation and yoga has been enhanced by recent findings from the field of neuroscience. As our understanding of neurological pathways deepens through scientific findings, it’s becoming clear that the methods I use in my work — facilitating meditation, mindset, and mindfulness — can actually quickly facilitate healing processes in the brain and body. Each experience that we have with our senses, even those that we are not fully aware of, are embedded in thousands of neurons that form a neural network in the mind. These experiences then shape our personality, habits, emotional responses and beliefs… affecting everything in our lives. This can lead to repeated patterns in how we go about our responsibilities and relationships, affecting everything from people to money to life. This is why it can be so difficult to implement changes on our own, and how I know I can help you! My whole life I have always been the person that people easily open up to and tell their deepest and most intimate secrets… even after only meeting me a brief time earlier. I hold space for everyone to feel comfortable and witnessed when they are with me, to create a container for vulnerability and non-judgement. Yet I also tell it like it is — so people know that I’ll tell them what they need to hear. Now, after more than 11 years of study in the integrative healing arts, I have been so fortunate to use my gifts and my acquired tools to witness miraculous and amazing transformations with my clients. It is my soul’s purpose to help others learn to rewire their brains in a way that resonates with them, feels authentic and gives them the lasting changes they desire. My ultimate goal when we work together is to get you to your desired outcome in a timeframe that feels good to you. I don’t want to spend years talking about what hurt you, I want to be proactive in helping you manage those wounds so that you can finally move forward in.

YTT Certification

Exp. 01/2022


Exp. 01/2022

Available Locations

Body Balance
Boulder, CO
Body Dynamics
Boulder, CO
Bell Summit
Broomfield, CO

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